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Mi primer pecado

Aka: Charlie and the Hooker (English title)
Director: Manuel Summers
Year: 1977
Country: Spain
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama

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In this Spanish comedy, some lads, whose job is to assist their parish priest, plant a tape recorder in their priest's confessional box and record the exciting sexual revelations which take place there. They then take these recordings up to the belfry and listen to them with their pals while reading girlie magazines and masturbating. The juiciest confession comes from a go-go dancer, whom they are inspired to track down. After a number of humorous incidents expressive of the boys' juvenile lust and jealousy, Curro (Francisco Summers) displaces the dancer's married lover and becomes her boyfriend. - Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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Children's Cast:

Curro Summers Charlie